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03 December 2008

Late post but a nice one :)

so ye im finding it hard to keep these two blogs going but im going to stick with it never the less.

so ye whats been happening well last Monday (Monday the 24th) it was my loving girlfriends 24th Birthday and i went down her house at 12am so i could be the first to wish her a happy birthday so on the way down i took a photo of a flower and picked that flower.

Then when i got there i sent a text saying "knock knock theres someone at the door", when she came to the door she was so happy to see me and i gave her the flower, it was so nice to see her smile like that, i love making her smile i wish i could do it all the time.

So on the night we went to the Etsukos (a Japanese noodle bar) where we had some lovely Sushi and Eel and other fantastic tasting foods, which she seemed to enjoy a lot, after that we went to the Cinema to see Saw V which was amazing and i would suggest it to everyone. i hope that i gave her a fantastic birthday as she means so much to me and i would do anything for her.

So what else well we've had some really bad weather around here lately we've had snow, Ice and the other day there was really bad fog, in fact it was so bad that when i took a photo with my flash on (due to it being dark out) all i got was a speckled photo where the flash had hit off the fog and bounced back (yes it was that bad) so after the failed flash ones i did my best to take some without the flash but keeping it bright.

So ye that what Middlesbrough has been looking like lately, not to pretty i know but im hoping that it clears up soon and we have some nice weather soon.

So whats else has been going well nothing much else really University work is destroying my social life but it needs to be done and there not long before it will be over so im ok for a bit longer i guess, but to make me all happy yesterday my lovely Emily came around mine to give me a advent calender because im not at home and im missing mine that i get every year off my parents so it was dead kind of her to do that for me, its thing like that although its small its so kind and i love it when she does things like that.

love you my Emily, with all my heart. <3


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