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15 December 2008


hey well my main blog has been updated so im now updating this one, (its still really hard to keep 2 blogs so i hope you are reading this emily as im only doing this for you as i love you) so as you can see from the post name this is to do with Sushi.

Today i went over to Emilys for dinner and we thought that it would be a great idea to make some SUSHI ! ! ! and watch nightmare before christmas. i love sushi so much i could eat it all day, i could also watch nightmare before christmas all day as well now i think about it ^_^.

anyway ye we made some salmon & avocado sushi and some crab stick & avocado sushi as well as some chicken stock noodles (they where so nice but the texturing of them was very strange). I have never made sushi before but it was so easy to do and i really enjoyed it, i hope that we make some again soon as it would be so cool to have a full cooking session with Emily (now i have a idea of how to do it).

when we started eating the sushi i said (just thinking out loud) this would be so nice with a little wasabi so emily surprised me went to the shops and bought me some, i was so taken back it was so kind and thoughtful of her to do that.

i really wish i had taken some photos now of all the work we put into it but sadly i forgot so next time i will and i'll upload them here.

some photos i did take though where from the lovely christmas dinner my house mate Dave made for me, Emily, Daves girlfriend and 2 of the guys he lived with in 1st year at University.

the meal was so nice, chicken, sprouts, carrots, roasted potatoes, basic lots of vegetables (love my vegetables), pigs in blankets, mini toad in the holes and hot onion gravy.


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