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05 July 2009


well its been ages since i last posted on this blog, i've just been majorly busy with university but now its the summer holidays and i can finally keep up with things.

so whats been happening, well me and emily have been together now for 2 years and to celebrate this we went to London for the day and OMG it was AMAZING, we went to see Big Ben, London Bridge, Tower of London, London Eye, Dali Museum (which ruled) and we went to a MASSIVE collection of movie memorabilia that was on display in another museum one of the coolest things what that we got to meet an animator for the simpsons amongst other things called Huw J and he was awesome, he said that if i contact him he will be able to help me with my Rigging for my character.

we also went to Yo Sushi which rocked, we love Sushi and just cant get enough of it, but then again it does taste bloody amazing ^_^

so what else, em........ i've finished univeristy now for the summer then im back to the grind stone to animate animate animate, only got 1 more year left then im hopefully in the industry (fingers crossed)

cant really think of anything else, oh me and emily have joined the GYM and im doing really well at it i've lost so much but due to my hay fever i aint been in a while and started putting it back on but i will be going back now that i have my tablets.

as well as the GYM we've been going on long walks through the countryside which was great cos it was so beautiful and walking with beauty in beauty is just so well beautiful :)

so i think thats all my news really i have some photos but i can't uploaded them now as i have to much to do but i will upload them to my facebook if you have me check them out if not sorry.


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