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15 July 2009

house's so many bloody house's

well if i see another house i am going to go crazy, i really mean it.

so far today i have looked around 6 houses and over 30 online and i just want to move into one now rather then looking at them.

the upside is i have 2 people to move into a house on Ayresome Park Road and they are both really great guys, one of he best things about the house is that the rooms are massive and one of them is going to become.......wait for it....... our GUITAR ROOM!!!(with projector hell ya)

when i move in i will be taking a shit load of pics and i will put some of them on here but all of them will be going on Facebook so keep a eye out if you have me on there.

the house on Ayresome Park is a beautiful house though and i would love to move in tomorrow but the landlord has renovations to do to it so i have to wait about a week or two but as soon as thats sorted i can move in.

also im not to far away from Uni, Emily or Gibbo so its going to be really easy to keep up with people and see my friends without being to late for uni.

and and and and and the park isn't to far away either so i can go for bike rides and skating about the park with emily, all i need to do now is find my bloody skateboard as it went missing in the old house and it pissed me off so much as it meant a load to be, when i got it i remember going straight to my gran and grandees and showing them it, i was so excited that i had my first skateboard now they are no longer with us i can't do that anymore, granted it was just skateboard and memories are in your head but for me i need something to trigger memories otherwise i easily forget things.

it was on its way out and i was going to be buying a new board anyway but i still wanted to keep that one so still had that trigger and the fact it was my first one, all i can say is whoever nicked it is a fucking bastard and i would love to get hold of them and kick the shot out of them for doing it and then do it all again so they wouldn't do it again.

anyway im going to get upset and annoyed if i keep going on so i'm going to end it here so i keep you updated next weekend but for now.



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