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03 August 2009

Boring ! ! !

hey all its going to be a REALLY short blog today, to be honest the only reason im doing it is to try and keep the update sunday idea going.

anyway, as you may or may not know emily has been away this weekend with her family, i was invited to go but had a lot of work to do and other stuff as well. so really with her being away not much has been happening (god that makes me sound like i can't do anything without her) so i've just been sat in the house doing my work like a good little boy.

some of the things that did happen this week (not really to do with me but still worth mentioning), it was my sister Fionas birthday this week, she's now at the age of 18 i can't believe it, it feels like it was only yesterday that i was sat telling her bedtime stories and making her laugh and going round to everyone on the street dragging them over and saying look at my sister as she lay in the pram, but ye 18 where has the time gone.

i did take some photos of the party but there all on my camera and i can't find the card adapter or the DTL so i will have to do this post without but i may upload later in the week as an update to this post instead of a new post so if your following by RSS it may not come up as i have updated so just check back if you want to see them.

my relatives from Leamington Spa came up to wish her a happy birthday, they are both going back home tomorrow so i dont know when we will see them again but it may be in a couple of weeks time, i just hope that im still in H'Pool to see them.

Leamington Spa
192 mi – about 3 hours 25 mins away from Hartlepool

other then that not much has happened during the week, oh i did go through to Boro to see one of m close mates from college and uni (james) we went for some food at te Southfield (and i didn't get ask for ID for once, im bloody 21 i shouldn't get ask ever) so that was nice to catch up with him and talk about what he's been up to since uni finished, turns out he's just been doing the usual the usual being Mini Meets every couple of months, entered a couple of competitions with his Mini and won 1 i think he said and been doing some graphic work for his mates so all in all its been good holiday for him.

so ye that was my week basically then on Saturday so yesterday Emily came back home and we went to see G-Force the new 3D movie by Disney and i must say it was an awesome movie the 3D has really come on a lot since the 1st 3D movie i saw (My Bloody Valentine) they are utilizing a lot of things they should have been using since day 1 but if i carry on talking like this its going to turn into an animation blog so i'll stop now but one thing i would say is go see it, you'll not regret it (for the 3D the story is a little slow).

so ye i got to see emily and i was REALLY happy, then sad thing was that she didn't seem to happy to see me which in turn put me in a downer so my smile didn't last long, i know she was happy to see me and it was just other things but if i had been away for a week no matter what happened between saying lets go to the pic and us meeting up at the pic would stop me from smiling as all i would care about is seeing her again after such a long time, but anyway that was yesterday and in the past i just hope it doesn't happen again as she's going away again this Friday i think so i'm going to miss her like crazy again and if she comes back and doesn't have a smile when i see her cos she's missed me and as as happy to see me as i am to see her (no matter what) i just feel like im going to turn around and walk home cos yesterday i really was so close to doing it. but as i said thats in the past now so theres no need in dwelling on it. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ^_^

so ye she came up today with Fionas birthday present and a couple of gifts for the family like a selection box of tea and shortbread for my mam and dad and an awesome fridge magnet that says "ewe not fat, ewe fluffy" with a picture or a pink ewe on the front which ruled and a marble block and white checked candle which i loved as i just love fire and candles are a very good source for fire so YEEEEEEEY (emily i wont burn the house down........................yet)

so ye that been it really, like i said not much although its not really a short blog is it looking back at what i've wrote here but i guess i had more to say then i originally thought, just hope i have this much to write out in my Animation blog as thats the next one to do so i'll talk to you all laterz and have a good week.



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