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17 December 2009

First Fog

Well the first fog of 2009 is here, i woke up the other day and spent most of the day in the house working on CCA but when i needed to go to the shops for some food i realized just how think the snow was outside.

i took some photos but it was hard to get quite a good shot due to the thickness.

although it was foggy out it was still a lovely day and quite warm all things considered.

anyway that was the first fog of this year, now if only it would bloody snow lol

So yesterday me and Emily went to Edinburgh for some breakfast (yes breakfast....odd i know considering that its 157 miles away) and it was awesome.

we had a lovely time there and we're talking about going back in January as there will hopefully be snow then and we can take some real Xmas photos ^_^

i have a load of photos from yesterday but since there is something like 129 of them i've just put them on my facebook (Public Link) so please go there and check them out and im sure you'll see how much of a great time we had.

Also a reminder to all those that follow me, i have another 2 current blogs my final year project blog and my animation diary blog and those can be found:

Animation Diary - HERE 
Final Year Project - HERE 

and my friend has just set his blog up at so go check it out.

as always i will try my best and upload on Sunday but i have a very busy life at the moment so i may just start blogging on the day stuff happens, this will mean more updates guys so keep checking back or even better subscribe to my RSS and let the internet do the work for you ^_^.

so until next time, good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night. 


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