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09 December 2009

Long Overdue Update

Well its been a long time but i thought i would write out a new post and letting you all know what i've been up to over the last month or so.

Well, to start with i've been to the comedy club a couple of time and bloody loved it, me and emily try and get to ever one of them but at times it seems like where not going to make it due to the lack of money we both have but we have managed to get to them all so far.

Because i've been working my ass off with uni im finding it hard to remember what i've been doing but i do know that i've had a great time and im looking forward to the next couple of week with the up and coming events.

Since i dont feel im going to be able to remeber much i will simply talk about the last 2 days.

So i recently ordered a new MacBook Pro and it came through yesterday. Because im a Teesside University Student i got an AWESOME discount on it.....rather then the £2160 it should have been i got it for £1550 thats a £610 kool is that.

Anyway as i said i got it through yesterday and since then i have been trying my hardest to work out how to use the Mac OS, so many times i have heard that the Mac OS is easy to use and how quick it is to get your head around......this is total bull and i dont care what people say.

Firstly when you use Windows and you go through your documents and press Return key and it goes into the selected folder or opens the file but with Mac if you press Return it asks you if you would like to rename the file/folder........why would i need this option more then once how many file/folders am i going to be renaming really? actually open anything i need to do Command + O this is quite a stretch and seems like something that will become a hassle and an annoyance.

anyway to stop myself going out my head i've installed Windows 7 on my Mac and im loving it so far, the Mac gives me a shit load of speed and power and the Windows 7 OS gives me the GUI that i can use ^_^.

anyway that all for this post i will try and write more when i get time but at the moment i just have to much to do to get time to do my blogs but for you guys and gals i will try and do the best i can.

till next time keep well ^_^
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