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09 July 2010

Finally ! ! ! ! !

Well before i get to what the finally title is all about i just to tell you a little story, one that got some lols on my DailyBooth so i thought i would share with you all as well.

The story of a house mate

Chapter One (and the only one lol)

One day Monkey and his Irish housemate Bryon where sleeping in a lovely comfortable bed when suddenly Byron farted!!!!

Monkey woke up from a rather sexi dream and wasn't impressed, he confronted Bryon about the fart and soon found that he was the one who woke him up so he decided to strangle him.

just in that moment they heard a noise that they hadn't heard in such a long time, a noise that took them back to there childhood when they lived in the ghettos with the hoods.

It was the ice cream van, they had missed it so much and never thought that they would ever get to taste its loveliness again......because they thought it would never come back they bought everything that the man had and soon found it to be a big mistake as they became EXTREMELY fat.

and they never ate ice cream again.

The End.

hope you enjoyed that.

thank to Bryon for walking in on my hanging out the window trying to get a Wifi signal.....i couldn't have done it without you.

So ye that was my little story and i hope you liked it, it was never going to actually be a story, i was just taking some random photos in my room and Bryon walk in and we started taking was only after i had looked back at them i though....hmmmmm that could make a story ^^

anyway, so ye that was the moment we're still working on getting the house setup and moved around but its getting there slowly as always.

we should be done soon enough i recon.

so back to the Finally title.....well finally my marks came through, yes i now know what i got and if i passed and i can happily say....I PASSED ! ! ! ! ! !

its awesome the fact that i've passed the course and i no longer have to worry about the work load ^^

on the down side mind you is that i didn't get the mark i was hoping for......sadly i only got a 2:2 which is the same as a C Grade....i was really looking for a 2:1.

the worst thing is i was only 4 marks off getting that 2:1 but it can't be help i the long run it all dependent on my portfolio and if i keep at it i should have a quite strong one that will get me that animation job i have worked so hard for.

anyway that all really, i just wanted to let you all know whats been till next time i hope you all great health and a blinking awesome time ^^


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