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12 July 2010


Well not much has happened you might be asking why the heck am i blogging well i had a good day yesterday so i though i would write something about it ^^

So, yesterday was one hell of an early start for me (round about 9am lol), i went through to Hartlepool to spend the day with my family at the car boot sales.....i haven't been in such a long time and since the summer weather is back i can start to go out and about without having to wear several hundred layers ^^

So ye i went to the boot sale at Sedgefield with my mam and dad and i got some really nice things and didn't really spend that much money in total.....i got a street magic kit for £1, a PS2 Game for £1, a file for my documents for 50p, a lamp for £1 and a small Family Guy Stewie voice box for £ in total i spent £4.50 and had a great day out as well.

the only real downside was the fact that it was VERY windy and the fine dusty mud at Sedgfield Race Course (where the boot sale was) was getting blown everywhere and covering all of the stalls and people from head to toe......although it was funny that my dad got so much in his hair that it went from light gray to light blond ^^

he really doesn't suit blond hair :p

so ye that was my great day yesterday, i've not tested the Magic or the Game but the Lamp and Stewie thing works great.

Today has just been a very very very lazy day or just sitting in the front room with bryon and playing GTA San Andreas on the PS2......i entered a load of cheats to that the game was a little more exciting like everyone coming after you with guns and always on 6 starts wanted was realy fun.

well thats it really for this blog but before i go i just want to let you know about a project im doing.....only just started it but im going to keep it going as long as i can.

The project is called "Project 365" and it is when you take a photo of yourself everyday for 365 days of the year, the best example i can find is this one....

for those of you thinking "WOW i wonder if he's still doing it" well here is a link to his site will all the newest image:-

so ye, i wanted to do something like this since i saw it done on The Simpsons (if you've not seen it click HERE) so i have started a new DailyBooth account and will be uploading a new image everyday to it and will hopefully keep it going for a long long time.....i just think it would be great to look at my face and enviroment changing over a long long long never know i might be able to keep this going till im 70 years old ^^

anyway, here is the link to my new DailyBooth:-

so i hope you enjoyed this little post and i hope that you get a DailyBooth account yourself if you dont already and you follow me ^^

oh and here is my original DailyBooth account if your interested at all:-

by for now peeps.


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