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06 July 2010

Still Setting Up

Hey peeps, well im still setting up the house o.O

as i said in my last post, i have way to much stuff and its so hard trying to find places for everything but if i just think smart i should be able to work around it.

im still without the internet in the house so im having to use any free internet connections i can find.....easier said then done at times mind you ^^

but other then the relentless unpacking and the lack of interwebs i am having a great and Bryon seem to just laze around the house watching whatever we can find on TV and also play on the Xbox 360 although it crashes after around 20 minutes of play but thats still 20 minutes or fun.

these next couple of days are going to be eventful for i have a lot to do and then tomorrow is the big day.

So today i have to go over to C&M Property Management (basically my landlord) and tell them about the things that need fixing around the house like the shower rail and the my wardrobe.....also need to ask them about paying the water bill, im sure that there is over stuff i need to mention but i can't for the life of me remember what they where but hopefully i will remember by the time i get there =D

So ye once thats out the way i need to pop over to the town and find some storage options and pick the cheapest as i have more stuff them storage so i need to find more asap......then again what can you expect after 3 years of uni and nights out ^^

Then its back home to finish (hopefully) sorting my room out and getting everything finally straightened up.......although changes are that it will take me long into the night to get it fully finished.

so ye thats today and then tomorrow i have my SOOOOOOOO not looking forward to it....i mean i knew it not going to hurt and that i will be able to get through it easily but still i can help but think to myself that its going to be the worst pain i have ever felt.

i just hope that afterward it doesn't take long for everything to heal up and then i can get back to the GYM and also will be able to talk without having to sit down every 5-10 minutes and wait for the swelling to go down.

so thats my next couple of days as far as i can see.

so what have i been up to? well yesterday me and Emily went to see Shrek Forever After 3D

it was quite a fun movie but not as good as the first Shrek.....i think that studios will always find it hard to make a movie that is better then the original, its mainly because there is such a bigger hype about a first movie then there is for sequels......take Toy Story for instance, it was a fantastic movie (although watching it in 3D almost destroyed it for me but i wrote all about that HERE so check it out) but the second one could never live up to the hype the 1st one got, it seemed like they where trying to push the story so much and it just wasn't working, now i know they are going to be showing Toy Story 3D at my cinema soon so i will be going to see that but i really dont expect it to be as good as the first one cos it just never has the been the case with any movie.

anyway, so ye i went to see Shrek with Emily and it was a fun movie with a lot of laugh factors....although we did kinda go into the wrong cinema screen, sat down and got comfortable then realized that the movie was almost over and ran out as quick as we could so we didn't find out what happened. lol

it was great spending time with Emily again.......we seem to be getting really close again and its really ye after the cinema we went back to hers and tried to sort her blog layout out, dear god......she's great and all but she really can't make her mind up ^_^ i thought that at the very least she would have had the layout she wanted picked out and downloaded but instead she just remembered a vague memory of one that she saw a while ye we never did end up doing any layout customizing but hopefully she will find one soon as we'll be able to get to work on it.

well, thats it for this post peeps, i'll let you all know how tomorrow goes and if they kill me on the operating table (i know its not really on an operating table but meh).

talk to you all then......bye for now x


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