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01 July 2010

Seems So Slow

Well its taken a while but i've finally moved all my stuff over to my new house, now its just a case of cleaning up my old house and giving it a fresh coat of paint........then unpacking all my gear and finding some place for it all...

i have WAY ! ! ! ! ! to much so i might end up selling some of it but i really hope it doesn't come to that.

all my stuff carries some sort of memory with it, something that when i see it i instantly remember a great time in my life......i know people say that memories are in your head and not in an object but for me its a case of that i need the object to trigger the memory.

but as i said hopefully i will find a place for everything and there wont be any problems.

Although i've only just moved in (2 hours before i started writing this) i've already found myself questioning my decision of moving in......its not anything big just little not having the internet......ok so thats a major thing for me cos i use the internet all the time but there are other things as well.

the rent is a little high for a 2 bedroom house......i know a lot of people will disagree with me on this but £500 a month (£250 each) is rather a lot for a house that doesn't include anything.....we dont get water, gas, electricity, TV License ot its going to cast a absolute load in the long term but Bryon seems to think that we will manage and i kinda do but i will have to give up a lot of the thing i like to buy......mainly anything from Sansberys lol

Its going to be an Aldi and Lidle house me thinks......not that there is anything wrong with either of them its just odd that its going to be my main source of food shopping.

i'm really starting to miss uni and always having money and not having to worry about the coming weeks......i know i could just get a job and that wouldn't be a problem but i really dont want to settle for a shelf stacking job, i would much rather hold on for a couple of more months and see if a job in an animation studio opens up even if its a runner position.

but thats all things to worry about once im fully moved in an settled i guess......

On the upside (cos i always feel there is an upside to everything in life) living with Bryon looks like its going to be a gas, we get on really well and we are both bringing a lot to the house......i just really wish he had a computer so that he had a reason for getting the internet as well cos otherwise im going to have to pay for it myself and i really can't afford it as well as food and bills.

but ye, he's a great guy and really kind........he's the type of person that would go out of there way to make sure that a friend was ok. i just know that this year is going to be soooo kool and a tone of fun.....not that the last few years haven't been AWESOME and fun ^^

im really looking forward to setting my room up like an AWESOME animation studio with animation posters on the walls and random crap placed around the room......its going to look great.....i was going to do this last year in my last house but i just found myself never doing it so this year is going to be going to have my room just like i've always wanted it ^_^

well i think thats all i really wanted to say......oh actually, since there isn't any internet (and im just writing this is notepad until i find internet) i wont be able to update as much as i would usually so i will have to try and get something sorted asap but until then please keep checking back remember to subscribe via RSS and tell people about my sites......its all a big help to me as i love talking to you guys and i love letting you all know what im getting up to.

so ye i think that is it now, so good bye and keep safe and well.

talk to you all soon........i hope ^^

oh last thing before i go......i'll be uploading some photos of the move as soon as i can get a strong enough internet connection but in the meantime check out this awesome video from The Key Of Awesome they have a load of great video parody's in fact but this is my newest fave so check it out.


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