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13 December 2011

Been Some Time...

So this blog is a bit over due and i've been rather busy hence why i've not been online much recently.

So whats been happening since my last post? well......firstly i've been migrating all my online account into one easily accessible one, i was getting rather sick of having 6 different email account all connected to different sites so i moved them all to one GMail account which is a ton better, sadly due to my own stupidity i forgot to migrate my Picasa account over to the new email and i have lost every photo i had stored on there which has really brought me down. This means that a large majority of the photos on my blogs have now gone and i can't get them back no matter what i do, i had a lot of memories posted on this blog and other blogs i have and i know that memories are in your head not on a computer screen but to not have them here anymore is still upsetting. I've made a request in the Google Help Forum to get my images back but i don't know how likely that is as i've seen other requests and all the answers where "sorry this isn't possible" but with Google changing there system and layout recently im hoping that the story has changed and is now possible. If not then i'll either have to leg go of the past and just move on with future posts (making sure i backup) or try to work out which images are missing and re-upload them (which could take a few days.....if not weeks).

So apologies to anyone surfing my pages and coming across the "No Image" image, as i say either this will be rectified or you'll just have to imagine what the images might have looked like.

Now that i have moved everything else over thought everything is running a lot smoother, integration with my is much easier with GMail as its IMAP where as Hotmail was POP3 and i had to use MBox Mail for Mac to get my folders to transfer over, but now it just all works perfectly.

So in other news, i've been off grid for a few months now as people on DailyBooth, Twitter and YouTUBE will know but that doesn't mean that i've not been up to much in the real world, mainly i've just been trying to find work and catching up with old friends, the other week was Cats Graduation Ceremony for University, sadly she forgot to mention this to me in advance so i ended up hearing about it on the day with around 3 hours to get ready and to the place.....since i didn't have a ticket to sit inside and watch i planned on sitting on the benches and watching it on Middlesbroughs BigScreen outside of the town hall, but with me being me i managed to talk my way in luckily there where a few seats available so i didn't take them away from anyone with tickets so i didn't feel to bad, it was absolutely fantastic to get to see Cat graduate along with a load of other people i knew from university. Afterwards i had the good fortune to meet Cats parents which was great if not a little unnerving, i wanted to make a good impression and i feel that just being myself did that as they seemed to be ok with me and invited me to go to Whitby with them the following Saturday. I had an absolutely fantastic day and although my legs did start to act up a little i had taken some Co-Codamol that morning so not to much pain was had. While in Whitby we of course went on the Arcades and for me it was one Arcade machine in particular called Stacker where you have to stack up blocks on the screen as they move left and right starting with 3 block wide then moving to 2 then to 1, i managed to get to the "Mini Prize" (Keyring, Bouncy Ball, Yo-Yo, etc..) cut off point every time but i just felt i could get the "Major Prize" (iPhone, Nintendo 3DS, DVi Camera, Etc...) so i kept going but sadly kept loosing i would always make it to the final bar (the major prize one) but didn't manage to place the block on top of the other, i would always be a block out either side......but it was still a load of fun anyway and i had a few goes on the 2p and 10p machines as well :)

On the Sunday me and Cat went to the cinema and an all you can eat Chinese called Banana Leaf to celebrate her graduation, it was a great evening but i think i broke my diet for a good 3 months at least with the amount of food i had, but it was worth it as the food was delicious and the fantastic for the cinema there wasn't much in the way of choice as the majority of the cinema screen had stupid Twilight on them, but there was one movie that looked interesting (and wasn't gay sparkling vampires) which was Justice which stared Nicolas Cage as a husband that enlists the services of a vigilante group to help him settle the score after his wife is attacked....all in all it was a fun movie and gave birth to a new phase that i've been using lately (even though not many others get it.....i guess they didn't see the movie) "The Hungry Rabbit Jumps".....all in all a fantastic evening :)

Not much else has been happening really other then that......just been working on my own animations and trying to get better work together to make it easier to find a job. Back to the computer stuff though my Mac is now running lovely OSX Lion and all my accounts are setup with Cloud storage so i have a lot more space to work with on my system, 500GB seems like a lot at time but it just slips away sooner then you'd think.

So thats it for now guys, i'll have a post up again soon......i've got more stuff but at the moment thats about it.

Hope you all stay well and keep posted :D


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