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14 October 2011

Medical Problems, London and Life.

So lifes not been to great at the moment as far as the medical side of things are going, as some of you might already know i have been having problems with my legs again and all the pain i was feeling before i went in for surgery back in February is back in my right leg.....i went to the doctor about it and after talking it over its been decided that i'll be going in for surgery again soon but not sure when that will be but i have an appointment to see the doctor on the 2nd November, although this is something i would really rather not have to go through again i know that if i dont im going to be in sooooooo much pain for the rest of my life and i can't live with that so surgery is a necessity i guess.

Sadly this isn't the only thing wrong with me though, while i was at the doctors i also mentioned that i was feeling pain in my hip when i was walking as well as my knee so he sent me in for a couple of X-Rays (around 7 in total, felt like i was going to turn into the hulk lol). when the results came back they found that there was 2 lumps on each side of my hip done (why are my problems always symmetrical), they said that it wasn't anything serious but if they are rubbing again ligaments and stuff when i walk it could be the reason for the pain and might mean more surgery to fix that as check if it was going to be a problem they send me in for an MRI Scan which was earlier today, since i'd never had an MRI before i was a little nervous but thankfully Cat was nice enough to come with to keep my company while i waited to go in, they kept saying that i was just having my hip done but i insisted that my doctor said i was having my knee done as well.....but i left it at that as i thought they knew best, but after they did the scan for my hip (which took 40 mins) they said sorry but they needed to reset for my knee as well and i really felt like saying "told ya so" but i held back ^_^ so after another 30 minutes of scanning i finally got to go home ^^

now i just need to wait on the results which should be in back in around 10 to 14 days, i kinda hope it does show something so that i can get rid of the pain but also hope it doesn't so i dont have to go through more surgery.....we'll just have to see what happens.

So that the medical problems out the way, back in my fun life i went to London the other day and i had a fantastic time.....i mainly went down to see a friend off the internet from Canada, he was going to Venice for his birthday and was stopping off in London for a couple of days so i thought i would pop down and say hi :)

It was great meeting someone that i've talked to for ages now online in real life, sadly i didn't manage to get to all the places i wanted to go to but im thinking i'll pop down again to see the places i didn't. while i was down there though i did get the chance to hand out some CV's and showreels to the animation companies down there and with a little luck i'll hear something back from them.....even if its not a job offer but just a review of my real with some advice i would be over the moon :)

my main plan for London was the take lots of video for my Vlog but sadly i kinda forgot.....took lots of photos though (well a few at least) so since i couldn't make a vlog out of it i made a little Sub-Vlog linked to my main one.

All in all though i had a fantastic time and although i was in a lot of pain with my legs and feet i wouldn't happily do it all again......maybe next time round though i'll take a lot more Co-Codamol ^__^

And in the rest of life things have been great i guess, other then the pain of course......the other day me and Bryon (my housemate) went for a lovely meal at the Toby Carvery, it was great to spend some time and great to finally eat some vegetables and be a little bit healthy for once :D

Last night i wrote out all my penpal letters which took quite a while to finish as since they are handwritten if i made a mistake i couldn't just CTRL + Z so i would start again (unless i was half way through a page then i would just cross it out) so i went through quite a bit of paper and my hand started hurting rather quickly.
I had a great time writing to them again though and i look forward to hearing from them soon i hope.....its rather bizarre though writing a letter to someone and then starting to wonder if that person has replied then you remember that it was a letter. It just shows how much technology is part of my life and how much i use instant messaging.

Anyway that been about all the main stuff.....there has been a lot of other little stuff but i would be here a while if i was to write it all out and i need to get back to animating which has been something i've been doing a lot and its been interwoven with all the stuff i mentioned above.

if you would like to see what animation work i've been up to you can check out my Animation Diary :)

Well until next time guys and gals, stay safe and love to you all :)


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