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04 January 2012

Friends, Fallouts & New Years Resolutions

2012 is here and its that time of year again where you make New Years Resolutions that you try and stick to for the first few weeks and then give up....

So instead of making ones that are totally out of the questions hard to maintain i thought i would try and stick to some that made more sense to me and could easily be done with a little bit of effort and time, the main thing i wanted to do though is get in contact with a LOAD of people that i have either not spoken to in a long time due to distance or lost contact details for or people that i fallen out with or have fallen out with me over sometime the most littlest and stupidest things in life.....things that when you look back and really think about just seem pathetic and childish, if i can just do this one resolution this year it will be a fantastic year even if i dont manage the others (although im going to be working my ass off on the others as well as they are rather important).

So as i say, my resolutions are rather simple and should be easy to stick to.......

1: Do my YouTUBE weekly video each and every Sunday without fail, be it a Vlog, Rant or News Review

2: Animate, this is one that i have been steadily doing but not at a pace that could be so thats going to change as of now.

3: Draw more, i dont seem to draw as much as i use to so i really want to get back into it and improve my skills, i look at my sketch books and think "wow i could actually design interesting characters once" and i want to get that back.

4: Get in contact with all the people i've lost contact with.

5: Lose weight, its kinda traditional i guess to have this one on a list of resolutions so i thought i would stick it on here (chances are though i'll fail at it)

6: Find a Job, obviously my main goal for this one is an animation job but with my skills being rather low at the moment and my surgery in February any job would do.

So thats about it for the resolutions, i feel that i could stick to at least 5 of them really well and with the amount of chocolate i got for XMas its unlike the weight one will last :P

There are a few main people that i would love to get in contact with again as i felt like i was really close to them when we spoke hung out together, the problem is time....its been so very long since we have spoken i feel it will either be awkward or unwanted, but if i dont do it i'll regret losing those people from my life.

The people i speak of are from throughout my life such as people i've grown up with.......

(Top left to right: Shaun Buchan, Me, David Tindale)
(Bottom left to right: Daniel Welch, Kayleigh Hedley)

This photo (rather an old one) is a example of the good old days.....the original gang, others joined out close collection of friends over the years such as Vicki Bell.....

Who has been there since almost the start and i always class her as one of the originals.....and Dan Williamson who came into the group after we all went off to collage and brought more people back into it....

but i feel like i've lost contact with all these people and this is why my goal to to get back in contact, go for drinks, hang out and just have a great time again.

other people include ones i've studied with or lived with or even partied with ranging from college to university, people that i hoped to have never lost after graduation but sadly that wasn't the case and i regret it so much.

(Top left to right: Mark Tica, Me, Sam Dawes, Manjoe Chan, Nick Marshal)
(Bottom left to right: Rob Curtis, Lisa Baggy, Lou Burrow, India Barnardo, Sarah Lee, Gabrielle Marshell)

(Left to right:Me, Bryon Kennedy, Dave Moorcroft, Harris Abdullah)

(Mattias Wernér)

(James Taylor)

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many people and to list them all would take longer then i have, but if you are reading this blog and we use to talk a lot more and hang out all the time then expect an email or text or message of some sort from me soon because it would be great to talk to you again.

and one person will understand this message and if they do then be sure to get in touch soon.....i've just been of the grid for to long now and i would love to hang out soon.

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So thats about it really for this blog, i hope you all had a great holiday season and a wonderful new year celebration and that you all have made some great resolutions that you can easily stick to as well.

All the best for 2012 and i'll speak to you ALL soon :D


Anonymous said...

Ohhh looky here, you have a comment. You know, it's a surprise we haven't bumped into each other, I live off the grid too ^.^

tinnhdnihxlw hsrgiogrette eteusnosnoeg qhaebtncetxe uedsrmdovhtt eoisoiimeeoa snnwknnerrrc teghedirjwfo iphoisnouibu oeecfigusswc nryoytcntehh ishuothdtie soucuiaweln

Wait does this make me the good and eccentric or the bad and eccentric? >.> .... XD

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