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24 December 2008

Im back

Last week is kind of a blank at the moment just cos so much has happened, i was going to write about the Wokstop issue but i see that i have already talked about that in my Animation Blog (don't quite know why as that is ment to be just for animation and little bits about life hmmmmmmmmmmmmm) so i will talk about what i can remember.

well last week my girlfriend Emily came over and since she didn't get a cake for her Birthday :-( i sent her home to do some odd jobs that i knew she had been meaning to get onto so i could surprise her.

so once she had gone i went over to Sainsbury's and bought the only thing i could afford (which believe me, right now isn't a lot) a Vanilla Cheesecake (there really nice) then came back and put a LOAD of tea candles around the room (really hard to light all them without burning yourself, i did it so many times). along with the cake and candles i put some music on standby and waited at the door for her to come over, then when she knocked on the door i ran upstairs and turned the music on and then ran back down to let her in. She was so happy to see all that i had done for her and gave me a MASSIVE hug that made me so happy.

Then on Friday i went down to see one of my best friends, Ellie who lives in the Wirral (down south from me, just outside Liverpool), it was great to see her again, i had been down a month or so before for her birthday but i said that i would be coming back to see her for xmas. Even though i told her not to get me anything she had to go and get me something so she got me a wooden bracelet (which i love cos i love bracelets, tend to never take them off) and a Nightmare Before Christmas 2009 3D calender which looks awesome.
Due to my phone memory being full i didn't many photos this time but i did use her camera to take a load, sadly i left that at her brothers and didn't have time to go get it so these are the ones i could take and some from last time.

We went all over the place over the weekend, on friday night we went to the pub for a meal with her friend Jenna (the 2nd lass in the photo up top), she's awesome lass, the last time i went down she was kind enough to pay for all the food and drink which i was amazed by cos you down get that type of kindness up her (well you do from some people but not everyone). After the food we went back to hers and watched a couple of movies. On Saturday we woke up refreshed and ready for the day and went to Liverpool to go to the art gallery and museum, they where AMAZING so many beautiful things to see, i loved the mummy exhibition and Greek sculptures they looked so beautiful. I took a load of photos of these beautiful things but once again i left it down her brothers, hopefully she'll be able to send them up so i have them. When we came back from Liverpool we went to the chinese takeaway for some food then went back to hers to watch Dad's Army and some other movies.

On Sunday we went to the Lady Lever Art Gallery which is a absolutely amazing village with a beautiful art gallery which Ellie, her mam, her mams boyfriend and his daughter. They had the nipolion room which had his bed (soooooo small we couldn't help but giggle). I could go on and on about the gallery as it was FULL of good stuff , including a very chatty security guard ^_^. If you want to know more about the gallery click here.

About the Village (taken from the site, here)


In 1887 William Hesketh Lever, a successful soap manufacturer, began looking for a new site for his factory as his business had outgrown its original premises on the banks of the River Mersey in Warrington. He needed land on which to build his new works and have space for future expansion. The site also needed to be near to a river for importing raw materials, and a railway line for transporting the finished products. The marshy, uninspiring ground that he discovered was eventually to be transformed into the village of Port Sunlight, which was named after his famous soap.

Port Sunlight is a garden village which was founded in 1888 by Lever to house his soap factory workers. In line with his ideas on prosperity-sharing, the building maintenance and upkeep of the village was subsidised with a portion of the profits from Lever Brothers Limited. With his own money, Lever financed the church, technical institute and the Lady Lever Art Gallery. Lever took great pleasure in helping to plan this picturesque garden village and he employed nearly thirty different architects to create its unique style.

The well-being of the Port Sunlight community was very important to Lever. He introduced many schemes for welfare, education and the entertainment of his workers. A cottage hospital was built in 1907 which continued until the introduction of the National Health Service in 1948. Lever also encouraged games, recreations and any organisations which promoted art, literature, science or music. Many clubs and societies flourished in the village, such as The Boys' Brigade, Port Sunlight Players (the amateur dramatics group) and many sports clubs.

Port Sunlight is now a designated Conservation Area, still within its original boundaries. Today the village and Sunlight Vision museum are now managed by The Port Sunlight Village Trust and although houses can be bought on the open market, the Trust remains responsible for the environment and landscape in Port Sunlight.


After the museum we went to her dads to see her dad and brother, me and her brother get on so well, Ellie said that it looked like we had been separated at birth lol, but it really was scary how well we got on. so ye after playing with him samurai sword and his guitars and also watching some comedy on youtube, we all went back to Ellie's to order some pizza and watch more movies :-) then i was so tired i crashed on the sofa while they where on.

then monday i came home and met my loving girlfriend at the train station and she was wearing such sexy cloths i really wish she would wear her goth stuff all the time or stuff like that at least, but when the money comes through in January we're going cloths shopping so might get some new stuff together then. then we went back to mine and watched some tv and spent some time together before i went to sleep and she went home.

Hopefully Ellie will be coming up soon as i have been down there twice now, she'll be able to see all the "wonderful" things Middlesbrough has to offer (which isn't much really).

anyway im going to go now as i need to get back to Hartlepool to see my family for xmas and im so hungry as well, talk to you all soon.

Happy Holidays


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