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20 January 2009

Been AGES ! ! ! !

Hey well its been ages since i posted anything in here, i do try but work is just getting to much at times, but i know even though work is getting to me i have Emily here to make sure i dont completely lose my head over work. ^_^

so whats been happening?

well im not 100% sure to be honest, it been that long since i posted anything i've lost what i've been up to in my head to make room for animation, hell im surprised i can still remember my name lol

but what i can remember is today, today was fantastic, my lovely girlfriend took me to Newcastle to a Sushi Restaurant called Yo Sushi for my Birthday as i dont know what will be happening on my real birthday (26th Jan >_<), O to the M to the G (OMG ! ! !) it was amazing, i had such a fantastic time there, there was so much food to choose from and it all went around on a conveyor belt in front of you so you just pick off the belt what you want and then pay for the color coded plates at the end.

the plates where color coded as they different colors have different prices and there was a silver one that was the most exspensice one there at £5 and because emily loves me and it was for my birthday she said it was ok for m to have one, how nice is that.

Eel Sushi - SOOOOOOOOO nice

All together we got 10 plates each cos the voucher that was on the net was something like only up to 10 plates we just went for it.

but since emily couldn't manage 10 (we didn't have to have 10 it was just cos we could ^_^) she gave me her last one cos the thing i finished on wasn't as nice as i thought it looked but when you finish on Sushi rather then a cheese cake its much better (thanks again love)

I really wish i could remember other things that i've been up to but sadly im drawing a blank when i try and remember. its either because i have a rubbish memory or its because its 6:30am and i ain't slept yet but im going to be heading to sleep soon hopefully, just have to remember to get up to go see my partner for my uni assignment.

anyway i'll talk to you all soon, oh and before i go i have yet another blog at The Button go check it out more information about it is on the blog now so go check it out and leave any comments that you want.

till next time byezy bye ^_^


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