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Written By: Monkey Boy

10 August 2009

Another Week, Another Post

Well Hello people, not much again this week sadly. my days and nights are all taken up by animation, modelling, rigging and so on.

this post is going to be a lot more of a photo post so i hope you all like photography.

so let start off with the photos i forgot to put up last week due to not having my DTL, so if you remember it was my sisters 18th Birthday last week and i took a lot of photos and here they are.

yes i know thats very pink but this is Fiona we're talking about and she is a "Princess" so everything must be pink ^_^ but really Happy Birthday again sis.

so what other photos do i have to show, well on Thursday it was my good friend Dan's 21st Birthday so here are some of the photos but the rest of them will be on my Facebook so if you want to see them check them out if you have me added.

it was a bloody AWESOME night out and i got to see a load of people that i haven't seen in years and i really do mean years ^_^ its jut really hard to keep in contact with EVERYONE i know.

ok this is the Knife & Folk Debate, basically which hand you hold a knife and which you hold the folk, it went on most of the night but it was still a fun convo ^_^

And these are just photos from through the night

Oh ye and it was raining most of the night and we all decided to stand outside and get wet as Shaun is showing here

well thats it for the photos sadly, back to the writing so what else have i been up to? do you want the short answer or the long answer? ok short answer it is then......i've been up to bugger all lol REALLY ! ! !

once again emily has gone away with her family (thankfully lol ^_^) so now i can get on with doing my rigging for next year at uni so its basically the same old story, i feel like getting up tomorro and doing something insane so that i can give you all something exciting to read about but in Hartlepool thats very unlikely to happen as there isn't anything exciting here, oh well things will pick up i hope within the next couple of weeks as i'll be getting ready to move into my new house for uni, speaking of the new house i went through tonight to move me boxes over from my friend Negars to the new house as she is going back to Iran within the next couple of days so i can't leave it there any longer. so thats all sorted now so no worry about that at all ^_^.

so ye thats it for this week, boring i know but i'll still write it so i dont stop all together.

anyway talk to you all again soon.



Monkey Girl said...

What ya mean thankfully? :( ya know ya missed me like crazy :p I know I missed you like mad x x x x x x x x x

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