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31 August 2009

Week Of Work

well i've been working all week as usual but for once im actually getting somewhere with it WooHoo  ! ! !

but im not here to talk about work thats what my Animation  Blog is for, so i'l talk about something else, well this week as you can guess i've not left the house (dont worry im getting fresh air from my windows) but that doesn't mean that i haven't seen anyone. my loving girlfriend has been popping up from time to time to keep me company and its stopped me from going insane so thank you Emily.

now this is how great she is, as i was feeling really down with my work she remebered on a questionare i answered on facebook that i hve never had flowers of anyone so she went and got me some of them home made roses that you see everywhere, they look like roses but they dont die as they are card and other things. but they are beautiful and i love them so thank you again lover.

sadly though i've not seen her as much as i would have liked to over the holidays and thats really not going to change, my work is always going to have to come first with the next year of uni and i know she understands that but its really not fair on her, sadly there is bugger all i can do about it other then work harder and if i do work any harder im going to crack up so i dont want tht to happen.

i dont know how oher people do it, have a like, a carear and a family or girlfriend i've thought about it a lot before, things got so bad that i wasn't seeing her at all and i was going to have to say that its just not fair and maybe we should take a year out so that i can get my work done and she can gets hers done but then things got better and i hope it doesn't come to that again.

i wish there was more to talk about but i've really got a blank mind here, as i said at the start i've been working on nothing but my animation work.

oh wait i've just rememebered (which is odd as i'm still doing it) i had to refresh my computer to factory setting yesterday as it wasn't doin anything right anymore and im still trying to re-install everything (sooooooooooo many programs) this is something that emily is doing as well as hers was bluescreening on a dayly basis so im hoping hers will run a lot smoother now its been refreshed.

anyway i think that it for this week sorry, i wish there was more but im a boring old fart and haven't done anything lately but i will get more up next week i hope.

anyway laterz guys and gals.

keep well

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