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07 September 2009

New House

Hey guys and girls sorry for the late post i was just so tired last night i couldn't think straight so i thought i would do it this morning instead ^_^.

so ye i've moved into my new house, still not settled in yet got a load left to unpack but its getting there i guess.

the thin is it would be all out the way if the builder would come around and sort out the mold in the corner of my room. yes i know that sounds gross having mold in my room but nobody had known it was there until i moved the wardrobe out from the wall to move my room around. but anyway that should be getting sorted soon so with a little luck i will be able to get my room 100% sorted as at the moment its around 65% done.

but ye its a awesome house, got a load of space (even though i need more for my crap but im sure i'll work something out. the only thing that bugs me about the house is the mold oh and i could really do with a better internet connection, i mean there are 2 of us living here at the moment and 2 more are to be moving in soon and the internet is already 0.7mb so we really need a better speed. i'll have to talk to the landlord about it when the other guys move in as we might have to put maybe £50 each in to get it up to the 20MB but i dont think thats to bad, even if we give him £10 over the installments of our loans thats fuck all.

1 thing we found out that we really do need is another freezer as the one we have just covers me and Jamie so if we could get another one that would be great but once again thats something to worry about when the other guys move in.

im really looking forward to everyone moving in as it means that all my mates have moved in and also it means that freshers week has started (almost) so i get a LOAD of free shit, the best shit in the world. why is it things are so much better when they re free, i mean really think about it, think of the last time you had something like a buy one get one free on a sandwich, now think didn't the free one taste so much nicer then the one that you paid for or think of something somebody bought you, the fact you didn't buy it makes it so much nicer. thats why i love Freshers weeks, that and the fact i get to see all my mates again even though this year all the guys i started Uni with have left Uni and are more living there lifes. i'll soon be there.

(i know im using . and , a shit load i dont know why so just take no notice.)

so what else have i been up to, well i've changed my idea for my FYP so im workin on new designs for the character but you can find out more about that at my animation blog but other then that i've just been missing emily as she's gone away with her family again for a week so although i've been able to get a lot more work done then when she's here as i just can't stop looking at her when she's here and i end up doing bugger all, im still missing her like crazy, i think she gets back today but im not sure, if she does then YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY i'l get to see her and we can go to the SouthField for some grub ^_^ 2 for £6 meal deal is never a bad thing :P

so thats about it really just sat now thinking of what to do my for animation but like i said i'll talk about that more in my animation blog so i'll talk to you all soon and with a little luck i wont be to tired next week to do it on Sunday.

laterz ! ! !


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