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15 September 2009


hey guys and gals im so sorry that this blog post is popping up 2 days late, emily has moved in with me and she's desracting me all the time so i end up not doing the stuff i had planned but i love her so she gets away with it.

i was going to do them last night but my sister started messing me on Facebook and i ended up talking to her and by the end of it was just do tired to write it out so its better late then never i guess and here it is ^_^.

by the way Amanda Palmer RULES, just started to listen to her and OMG her songs and music rules BIG TIME.

this is a great song.....

so i really recommend checking her out and you wont regret it.

anyway back to my life......well as i said emily has moved into my room for a couple weeks, we've had our up and downs over the week but everything is ok now....i'm still only maybe 90% sure that we would be able to live together in a long time thing but thats just due to little silly things which are a big thing to me i guess but they are little to everyone else i guess.

but anyway, we'll see how things go.

so as for the house, the guy came around to sort it out and get all the crap in the house fixed like door and mold and stuff so thats al done now so i have started getting my room just how i want it....there are a few things that still need doing but they will get sorted at some point before Al moves in as my gear is in storage in his room for now.

only really got another 2 boxes of crap to find homes for....i might have to through some of the junk i've collected over the last 2 year away as it just dont go anywhere but i'll try my best to get it somewhere.

to be honest except for unpacking and spending time with Emily and doing work there really isn't much that has happened since the last update even though this one is late.

we went to the southfield (local studenty bar) for some food the other day, as usual i got my smothered chicken (awwwwwwwwwwwww so hungry), and emily had bangers and mash then we went back again and thought lets mix it up a little so i get a massive Scream Burger (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww really really hungry).

anyway im going to move on before i start hallucinating food singing and dancing.........arrrr there they are asking me to go to the lobby


but really i've not really been up to that much.....oh i have been a mister fix it for the last week ^_^, well to start my bed was falling apart so i thought hmmmmmmmm i'll fix it and omg it worked lol (first time for everything i know) then the letter box was broke so i fixed that then the vacuum was broke so i fixed that then the extraction fan was broke so i fixed that and then i painted my room which i know isn't fixing anything but i just wanted to mention it ^_^.

ok now i've had some food yey ^_^

yum yum yum

anyway its getting late now and i still have my animation blog to write out so i will talk to you all later ^_^

bye for now and keep well everyone.


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