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27 September 2009

On Time ! ! !

Hey all my favorite people in the world, how you all doing?

well this week (well half a week as i only updated you all on Wednesday i think) has been really good.

as you all know i've missed Emily like crazy since she moved out but now she's back in Boro in her new house and its awesome. ^_^

well the question is what the hell have i been up to this week, well to be honest not much but i have had a VERY awesome night with my friends from Hartlepool.

so last night one of my oldest friends Shaun decided to throw a party, it was bloody awesome.

we had a load of drink with lots of games but all these games soon ended up with a massive game of spin the bottle sometime without the bottle even being used.

i had so much fun and although i know it could have been even better i still had a great time with my friends and emily.

i would put up the photos but i've lost my adapter and haven't got a clue where it is, but when and if i do find it then i will be uploading them to facebook and if i remember i will upload them here as well.

so like i said great time, nothin really else has happened........tomorro (Monday 28) freshers week starts and it is goin to rule, sadly i missed the low price week ticket so im going to have to pay £10 per event, but its really worth it for all the things that are happening.

i should have more to write about next week with freshers week and also nme starting University again the week after.

so until then i wish you all the best and i keep save and sound.



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