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07 October 2009

Long Week ! ! !

well its another long post and sadly i still haven't found my M2 Card Adapter so i can't upload my photos yet but i will as soon as i find it, i promise.

anyway this week has been awesome but at the same time, really forgettable it seems as im struggling to remember what happened, well lets see what i can remember, im sure i will remember stuff as i keep writing.

well last Monday was the first day of Freshers Week at my university, lots of great things happen on freshers week mainly that we get a load of free stuff that we dont need and at another other time wouldn't want but its free and its freshers and we need it ^_^

so with the start of freshers week saw the start of great night entertainment, Monday was a night called The Big 1 now granted this sounds like a great night and promises to be The Big 1 but i didn't really fancy it so i gave it a miss, instead i did something that has slipped my mind but it was probs something with Emily.

oh and i got my Freshers Pass that gets my into all the events on the nights (£25 for over £40 worth of events) ^_^

anyway the next day i went to the Uni again and got a TONE more freebies, oh i didn't say what i got....well............

i got....

Posters, Tea, more Tea, more Tea, Subway vouchers x3, a couple bags of Tortillas (Nacho Cheese), Pens, fliers (lots of them), bags,

im sure theres way more but my brain just can't remember, what i do remember is it took me 2 days to clean the stuff away from my floor after i emptied the bags.

so ye went back and got more free stuff then more stuff happened (really need to start doing this daily so i dont forget) then on the night it was the Headphone Disco........whats a headphone disco? i hear you ask.....well basically there are 2 DJ's on stage playing all different music from around one genre, in this case one was playing House and Club and the other was playing Indie...anyway so ye there are 2 DJ's and then on the Headphones your wearing there is a switch that you can use to go between the 2 DJ's meaning there maybe around say 600 people listening to the same as you and 400 listening to something completely different at the same time.

its a really novel idea but one that is really good and a great night out cos if you see someone you know and just want to have a quick catch up with them, rather then having to talk over really loud music you only have to talk over really loud people that can't sing :P

so that was Tuesday night and if you are reading this i just want to say thank you to Emily Kitching, Veronica Heath, Bob Gardner, Peter Southern for a bloody fantastic time.

Here is one of the photos taken by the University photographer as i can't upload yet.

Thank you ! ! !

anyway so that was Tuesday night and it just RULED Big Time.

so then on Wednesday it was my mate (more like a brother really, lived with him for the last 2 years as well, really missing living with him) Daves 22nd Birthday, so to celebrate we went over his for some drinks and then after there we went to Onyx for some more drinks and then i called it a night with Emily and Lauren as we where getting tired.

even though i cut the night short i still had a great night out and i want to say thank you to everyone in that photo and behind the camera for a great time.

so Thursday, well that was a slow day to begin with as i was knackered from the night before but when i did get out of bed i went to the uni to see my mates and to sign up for the Society's, i looked around at all of them but in the end decided to only join 2, the Short Animation Society (as i've been with i since we started it up) and Anicom as i have been with the guys there for around 3 years now and they are just some of the koolest guys i know and its a place i feel i can be my total self ^_^.

anyway, that night was the first anicom social and it just ruled, all the people running the society now introduced themselves and then went had a chat about what Anicom is all about then we started watching some shows.....Phil (show organizer) brought in the new Family Guy episode, now we only watched the Disney Styled animaiton section and it just took my breath away..........

for you that haven't sen it check it out, here is what it looked like.....

so ye as you can see it looks awesome so check it after that we went onto watching the planned shows for the year, now i love my Anime but with my bein dyslexic i find it hard to read the subtitles that are on the shows and everyone else doesn't like the dubbed so i end up just not watching them or if i do i dont know whats happening so i dont enjoy it, but once that had finished we watched Wolverine and the as i had already seen this show with them being on BBC iPlayer i decided to draw out my ArtJam for the week as i didn't know we had one till the start of the social so i just drew out what i could look like as a Superhero, it was rushed but it looked ok i guess, anyway i got a free set of comics....basically there was a big box filled with stuff and a small hole to put your hand through and it was just like a lucky dip but i got some comics so kool ^_^

anyway after the Artjams had been shown me and emily went early for the Hypnotist show at the Union, she was called Lo Reid.....

this wasn't at our Uni but i found this online and its her at another freshers week doing her show.

she was REALLY good, my mate Dan had to sit there and have a lap dance by one of the hypnotized people (his name is Pickles) it was just sooooooo funny, there is a load of other stuff that she did but most of it that i couldn't and shouldn't really mention on my blog as i don't know who reads it. most of it was 18+ stuff ^_^

anyway that was a load of fun.

the next day im not really sure what i did, like i said i need to start doing these blogs on a daily basis when there is a lot on.....

well i'll skip that for now Saturday, is also a blank actually......sorry if you reading this and thinking, i know what you did how could you forget, i have a mind like a sieve.

well Sunday i know what i did, i went to the Union to say goodbye to one of my close mates, James Taylor.....i haven't known him that long but he has been a real friend and helped me with a load of stuff over the years and i've helped him out to.

i probs spent about £20-£30 on drinks that day as we started playing drinking games and the alcohol just want down so quick, not that i was bad at the game it was just that Dan made the rules up as he went along.

it was quite loud in the Union as the Arsenal vs Blackburn and the Chelsea vs Liverpool matches where on the big screens, but they didn't last to long and we manged to keep the convocations going over the noise, then i went back home at around 11 (ish) and not long after getting my supper and getting into bed Emily knocks on the door, a "little" drunk and ends up staying over.......i didn't mind to much but i did have to sleep on the sofa as the bed broke when i put her to bed and also cos she has a tendency to kick me out of bed in her sleep so i thought it wise.....problem is that when she stays over im tired for the next week or so, so it takes me ages to get well rested, anyway it was a great day and a great night.

so ye that was my week last week.

then this week not much has happened really (as its only been 2 days lol) but really, me and emily went fro Sushi to celebrate our money from uni coming through and also just cos Sushi is the best, as i bought this time emily is going to get next time so thats nice, all in all it came to £31.85 even though i thught she said £38 and just walked off leaver her a tip, then emily and the lass pointed out that i was leaving £8 odd so i went back and just took the £5 and said keep the rest.

then we went for a walk and had a lovely kiss under the big abstract bottle (odd i know but Middlesbrough has a big bottle) but ye we had a lovely kiss under there and then we went back to mine and watched some stuff on my computer and she went home.

then today i went into uni to see my friend Negar who had decided she wanted to do her masters here, so i went for some food at the south fiend and had a catch up with there which was really nice, i told her about my animation idea for my final year project and the problems im having with it and she helped me out a little with my story and she was telling me about her summer, sadly she had a class at 2 and we met up at 1 so there wasn't much time for a good catch up so i suggested meeting up again during the week.

anyway at 2 she went to her class and i decided to would go with her to see what the course was like as i will be hopefully picking my Masters next year so i need to know what i want to do. also i got to see my mentor (hopefully) Chris Wyatt and see what he had been up to.

after the class had finished i went to the union to see the Anicom guys as they hang out there a lot and then i had my real first class of the year (Creative Character Animation), where Nick (lecturer) talked about what the course was going to be like and what we would be expected to do.

one thing he said that i like a lot is that instead of doing 2 animations like last year we will be doing one animation and constantly improving on it till we have a work of art (mine will be first time :P lol) but really i think this is a great idea as it will help me and everyone to home there skills more and be able to also work on Final Year Project as well.

anyway that it really............oh there was one other thing but can't remember the day, me, emily and lauren went to see Toy Story 3D last week and it looked Amazing in 3D but there was somethings that ruined it for me...anyway there will be a review of that on my Animation Blog (link to the right) in a couple of days as i need time to sort other things out first, oh and also the Fire Department sent out some guys to install Fire Alarms in the house, now granted that doesn't sound like anything amazing but there came in a massive fire engine, i was like OMG they sent a massive truck to install 3 fire alarms in the house WTF ! ! !, i thought that they would have just went around the little smart cars they use now...


but anyway i have a photo of it outside the house but that will get uploaded with all the other photos as soon as i get an keep your eyes out for a 700 page photo blog post ^_^

anyway that all guys so im going to say good night as im knackered and the only reason im up still is cos i didn't want keep you guys waiting another day.

so bye all and talk to you soon.

Laterz ! ! !


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