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13 October 2009

Fun Times

Hey guys im sorry that this is another late post and also chances are its going to be a short one but i'll try and remember what i've been up to.

well if you remember that last week was freshers week and i had a bloody AWESOME time and this week wasn't much different, now yes there wasn't a load of freebies this week sadly but i guess they can only do so many things for free.

but the night life was just as fun......i can't remember what day it was but one of the members of the society im a member of called Anicom through a massive music event in the Dickens Inn, his music was all to do with the theme of geek and it just RULED ! ! ! i had the best time ever while i was in the pub but then things did take a turn for the worse when i started thing about things and then started feeling down but thanks for my friends i started to feel better and i just put the thoughts to the back of my mind.

but like i said it was awesome and im looking forward to the next one which i hope is goin to be soon.

then on Thursday i went to Anicom and everyone was still excited about the 8-Bit Ice Cream Disco (that was the name of it) so there was a lot of talk about it. once the convocations had died down we went onto the watch Spawn, now i really liked this show as i had never seen it before and to be honest i loved it but sadly the guys that voted didn't vote for it to be a regular show so it wont be on again.....this is kinda a downer as the shows that were picked all have subtitles and with me being dyslexic i find it very hard to read them and enjoy the shows so i dont know if im going to enjoy it this year but i will do my best to.

anyway after the ArtJams where over (grated i did them during the 1st show lol) me and emily went to the comedy club, it was very different to the way it was last year as The Hub (the upper part of the Student Union) had a load of tables set out with little tea candles set up on looked really nice and slightly romantic so it was nice for me and emily to have time together, in a beautiful setting while we listened to some great comedy acts.

the host of the show was really amazing and so was the 1st comedian but the last one wasn't the best, he played the guitar kinda like Bill Bailey does when he does his jokes but it just didn't have the same impacted as Bill Bailey does.....

great thing is that the comedy shows are on every 2 weeks so i can't wait till next week for the next one ^_^, i need a laugh about now.

anyway not really much happened after that but one Saturday me, lauren, bryon, Al and jamie all sat down to watch some DVD's in the front room with a lot of alcohol, it was such a great time.......definitely one to remember and i have enough photos to remember it by, im looking forward to the next time we just randomly go get some booze and then watch some movies, i ain't watched Ghostbusters in year so that ruled and i've never seen Fry and Laurie before and that ruled as well so it just was amazing.

i wish i could put some photos up for you guys but i ain't found that adapter yet so as before i will be uploading a massive photo post when i find it with all the photos i've not been able to upload so far.

anyway that was an AWESOME time.

then yesterday me, lauren, emily and bryon went to see the new Pixar movie UP, it was bryons first ever 3D movie so he really enjoyed it.....i will be writing a review of Toy Story and Up on my Animation Blog tonight hopefully so check back for it.

anyway after UP we came back to my house and watch a cheesy Zombie B Movie called Wasting Away which was surprisingly entertaining, contradictory to the look of it.

if you've not seen it check it out its worth a watch even if only for the fact funny boner joke.

anyway thats it for this week as far as i can think.........oh and today i manged to get my room finally cleaned up as i've been trying to get it done for a week now and i;ve had nothing but distractions keeping me from doing it.

anyway its done now so yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

talk to you all soon guys and gals and i hope you enjoed reading this.



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