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11 November 2009

Long Overdue

Hey peeps, sorry its been so long since my last post, i've been really busy with a lot of things lately hence why there have been no updates.

so anyway since my last post which was almost a month ago a lot has been happening. well from what i can remember (you know what my brain is like lol) I have been to the comedy clubs at University a couple of times since then and everyone of them have ruled ^_^, im really looking forward to the next one and i know that although one of the comedians isn't so good the MC is awesome and i will have an awesome time with Emily.

what else, well its been Halloween since my last post, i dressed up as The Spirit and i think i did quite a good job at it(although i did it quick)...what do you think....

i know its not great but it does look quite good i think.

Anyway that image was taken at Anicom, it was a great night as they played shows that i could understand (non-subbed western animations) so i could really enjoy myself. also there was cake.....yeeeeeeeeeeey cake ! ! ! ! !

After Anicom was the 8-bit Disco....which RUULLLLLEEEDDD !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

i had a great time there, there where a lot of photos taken that are on my facebook but for you without facebook here is some of them.


oh ye been to the pic's a couple of times but for the life of me i can't remember all the movies but the one i can remember is Zombieland, it was a great movie, really funny and with a great cast.

me, emily, lauren and bryon all went to see it and all of us said that it was a great movie and would love to see it again and it just ruled.

the movie i want to see right now is Saw 6, this isn't cos it looks good but because i have seen all the others and its just something that i have been kinda looking forward to no matter now bad it looks. lol

anyway i think im going to leave it there as im really tired right now and should probs get some sleep but i can't as i have a class in 3 hours and i dont want to miss it.

but i do need to right out my other blogs so i wil talk to you soon soon i hope, bye for now.

laterz ! ! !


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