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Written By: Monkey Boy

12 January 2010

Avatar ! ! ! !

Hey guys and gals

well i finally got to go see Avatar and i must say it RULES ! ! ! !

The effect and animation in the who movie where just mind blowing, every detail was there from the smallest planet to the largest creature, you can see how must work went to into this fantastic movie and the time spend on it really payed off.

The render time on the movie was 30-50 hours per frame of animation and that doubled for the 3D version of the animation and you can really see why that is.

If you haven't seen it or haven't even heard about it then here is a sneak peak of what you can look forward to....

As you can see its is an Epic movie and if you do go see it see it in 3D (with the glases) as it just all that more amazing and you wont regret it ^_^

Well that it for now but i'll be posting as things happen now as its just easier then the weekly posting so talk to you all again soon.

laterz x


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