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07 June 2010

Feeling Better

Well for a week now i've been down in the dumps and just moping around the house things bout how stupid i was to break up with emily.

but, yesterday we started talking again and we had a freaking AWESOMENESSTASTIC day ^^

I popped over hers in the morning to drop of The Color Of Magic and Going Postal DVD's then we decided to get some food from Southfield and head over to the Cinema to see The Losers.......which was an awesome movie.

But ye as i said it was an awesome day then we went back to hers and tried to work out the problems i was having with XSi and my rigging.....then watched The Color Of Magic!!!!!

great movie and a bloody FANTASTIC of the best times we've had together in such a long time.

We seemed to be so close to each other and we think we worked out why the relationship was stronger during the first 4 months and during the 4 month break....over that time we where flirting with each other like crazy, after about 4 months though we seemed to settle down the stopped flirting with one another.

Yesterday we where flirting like mad as well and it was awesome cos it just seemed so right.

Anyway, the overall outcome of yesterday was we would go over the summer and see how things work out and just be friends then if there are a lot of times like yesterday then we might give it another try.

another good thing about yesterday was that we had a good talk about things that bugged both of us about the relationship and what took us to the point of breaking got a lot of things out in the open and we became even closer through that which was great.

so in conclusion (i love saying that) we're good and we're going to see how the friendship goes.....i still love her and she said she still loves me and thats all that matters ^^

so till next time.........keep well people ^^


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