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18 June 2010

Im A Scardeded!!!!!!

So today was a eventful day.....i went housing hunting with Bryon, found some really nice ones from C&M Housing agency but i still have some reservations about it.

the downside for me with these houses are that all bills are paid separately, this means that it will be about £230 a month for the rent and another £200-£300 a month for bills which isn't the best..........i really dont think we will be able to mange it on Job Seekers.....and even if we could it would mean that there wouldn't be much for food and other things.

Tomorrow we're going to be looking at another one of Pauls houses, for me this is a better option when it comes to the money issues......with Paul the rent is £215 a month and that includes Water and Interwebs so it is better straight away, and since the houses gas and electrics are on key and card it means that we can keep track of how much were putting on it.

the downside about Pauls house is that its a 3 bedroom and there is only 2 of us, we do have a possible 3rd person but we're just unsure about it as the more people that move in the more the bills will go up and the bigger chance that arguments will start.........but also with Paul there is no administration form charges (usually about £150) so thats money where going to be saving as well.

i dont know its all up in the air at the moment but tomorrow we need to make a decision as i need to go to job seekers and tell them the address of the house i will be moving into when i go to see them on monday.

So ye on another note, as you can see from my post a scardeded!!!!!

today i went over to the doctors to see what was wrong with my might remember me talking about it as some point....if not, basically when i walk short (and long) distances two bumps appear on the outer side of my legs and it feels like someone is giving me a chinese burn thats so powerful my skin is ripping.

i couldn't take it anymore, the pain i was feeling was to much and all the times i've asked about it they have told me that it was a trapped muscle or something (i remember the word said trapped a lot) but it seems that now i found a Dr that knows what the hell he's talking about......he checked me out and said that its something called Lipoma, it basically a build up of fatty cells that have deposited themselves in my legs.....a lot like a cyst.

this image wont be nice so if you dont want to see then dont click on the "Show Image" button, but this is what one looks like and most likely whats in my legs right now.

Show Image

also i found some videos on YouTube that a patent took during his surgery....dont watch if you are squeamish.

Im really not looking forward to it, i have to go in on the 7th July at 11:30am to get it done and im not sure what i will need to do after the surgery as they haven't told me yet but i imagine that i will be required to rest my leg and ensure that i dont pull the stitches but its really bugging me and im really worried.

but my mam an dad will be coming over to Middlesbrough to support me and hold my hand......i know that might sound stupid but im fecking terrified i really am.

anyway thats all my news for today and i hope that this house hunting and minor (major if you ask me) surgery goes smoothly.....although i will most likely update you all before it happens anyway.

so talk to you all again soon.....bye for now x x


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