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24 June 2010

Moving Soon!

Well the time for moving house is getting closer, me and my mate byron have been looking around everywhere to try and find the best deal......sadly there ain't that many available for 2 people.

We're off to sign the contract on the house we both decided on today, its going to cost us £56.30 a week plus ye its not going to be cheap but its virtually our own option other then going home and living but i really dont fancy doing that as i just love living away from home so much.

But ye, lives moving on.....packing is going slow and weather is WAY to hot but nothing i can do about that sadly.

Yesterday was awesome mind you, my house mate from last year and the year before that (Dave Moorcroft) came up to boro until the weekend so after the Football i went over to Bryons and we all had a catch up and then went over to Ians to watch a movie and eat was fecking awesome ^^

i missed Dave so much, hell i lived with him for 2 years and we went to each other with any problems we where havin in the end of my first year of living with him i no longer saw him as a mate, he was more like a older brother that really looked out for me and i appreciated that so much.

currently hating my current housemate at the moment (Jamie) well not really hating him just uber jealous of him at the moment as last night while i was out he got to do something i have wanted to do for YEARS......and im really happy for him but at the same time Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

oh well thats life ^^

but ye thats all you might know if you follow my Animation Diary Blog i've been doing some work for Arcus Studios and thats going really some more scenes in my inbox yesterday that need doing so i'll be going that.

anyway thats for another post so i will talk to you all for now peeps.


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