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29 June 2010

Tomorrow Should Never Come!

Well, im really not looking forward to tomorrow.....its going to be a long day and it starts off with pain.

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow for a load of stuff.......i can't remember if i wrote about this before as a lot has happened since but about 2-3 weeks back i wents in to the dentist to get my cap that i've had on my front tooth fixed as it's been there since i was 7 went i slipped in the bathroom and smashed my tooth off the bath (loads of pain!!!) i went to the dentist and they fitted some filler putty onto the end of the this stuff was very yellow and its annoyed the hell out of me since then so now that i get free dental again i can now afford to go back and get everything fixed.

so when i went down the other week they drilled my tooth down to almost nothing and fitted a temporary cap that is still yellow but not as yellow as the tomorrow i need to go down and get this taken off and my new porcelain permanent tooth fitted.....(custom made to my mouth)....AWESOMENESS.

i'll see if i can take any photo of it getting done to show you guys.....but ye thats tomorrow so really not looking forward to it.....

to top it off since the appiontment is at 11am i need to make sure i stay awake so that i dont sleep in as i need to get through to Hartlepool, alarm clocks dont work on me so if i fall asleep im out for the count.

then on the afternoon i need to go to the Job Center to sign on....not looking forward to that either but thats life......need to make sure i have my diary sheets finished as i've just been writing on scraps of paper when i've been looking for ward and now i need to put them all in the booklet.

the only thing i really looking forward to tomorrow is going to the cinema with Emily, dont know what movie where going to see yet but we'll figure that out when we get there....i just hope i can stay awake that long.....see said that she's going to prod me in the arm to kep me awake but i doubt that will work but we'll see :)

anyway thats all i really have to say, i'll post again most likely tomorrow and let you know how it goes......also i might be able to get my keys for my new house tomorrow so with a little luck i'll be able to start putting things in it.

anyway by for now.

Note: if you are interested in learning a little bit about painting on Photoshop i just made a tutorial video (about hour and a half long) that goes over some techniques.

check it out:


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