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29 June 2010


So i went to the dentist today to sort out my teeth problems, like i said in my last front tooth has been screwed up since i was 7 and now its all fixed and sorted.....yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey ^^

like i said last time, i had some filling putty added to my tooth when i was younger and then the other week i went and they sanded my tooth down to almost nothing and then added a temporary cap and then today i went and they took off the temp and put on the permanent.

i love my smile now.....the fake tooth is the one of the side with my lip ring (my webcam flipped my images)

Filling Putty      -     Temporary Cap    -   Permanent Cap

Im soooooo happy with it, before all this was done i had a slight cap between my cap and the lateral incisor but now with this new tooth its been modeled to close the cap....yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.

i know im saying yeeeeeeeeeeeeeey a lot but you have no idea how happy i am because of this......its one of the best things to happen EVER!!!!!!

i love to smile but my front tooth always bugged me and now i can smile not worry about it looking yellow and horrible.

So ye im totally jumping up and down happy as hell ^^

in other news.....because i had not slept all day i ended up injuring myself a lot.....

i cut my leg open, sprained my wrist, stood on a carpet nail, bruised my other leg, bruised my arm and trapped my finger while pushing a washing machine against the wall.

So now im bruised, rested and feeling a hell a lot of pain from my gum where the dentist injected me for my fillings as its all good.

but ye its been a good day even with the injuries and pain ^^

went to the job center and signed on so my money is on its way ^^ and also i went to the Cinema with Emily to see Death At A Funeral..

Now they advertised this movie as a comedy but i must say it had its moments but for the most part its wasn't that funny.....i was really hoping for a laugh fest but there was only enough material in it for a couple of chuckles.

but it was was great spending some time with Emily and having a catch up.....i just wish i wasn't as tired so i could have been a little more interactive but hey......thats life.

anyway, im off to get everything else packed up to move out and hopefully i will be able to start moving stuff over to the new house tomorrow after i help Bryon out with his Job Seekers and Housing Benefit forms.


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