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14 July 2010

This Is Why I Dont Like Doctors ! ! ! !

So i went in for my new appointment for the surgery today and when i got there i had to have a consult with a doctor to double check what i had and so that he knew what he was working with.

After i explained what the problem was he asked me to take off my shoes, socks and trousers and lay down on the bed (uncomfortable lol). he looked over my legs but couldn't seem to find a problem......i explained that it happens most when im on the stepper at the GYM so he got me to step up and down on a box which brought the bumps up a little but that added more confusion.

he explained that if it was Lipoma it wouldn't get bigger when walking or during exercise so now he hasn't got a clue what it is so he wants me to go in for a not sure when but it will most likely soon.

He asked that i make it as bad as i can so that something comes up on the scan......all i can think of doing is running there or walking really fast.

the annoying thing about my legs are that when it happens its most of the day and it hurts like mad but sometimes it doesn't pop up at all.

i just can't take the pain anymore its way to much for me and i have been through a lot of pain in my life but this is the winner without a doubt for the most.

if i go to this scan and they dont find anything or the can't explain it then i am going to scream or take a freaking scalpel and go to town on my legs cos i just can't go on like this anymore.

anyway, thats my little rant.......i wish it was better news but thats life i guess.

so till next time keep well and i'll talk to you soon.


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