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26 August 2010

The Scan.....dun dun dunnn *sound effect*

well i went to the Hospital to have the scan for my legs........i was so nervous because if they found something then it would involve surgery most likely and if they didn't then it would involve pain in my legs forever.

part of me wanted them to find something just so i would be able to get it sorted and walk without pain and the other half was hoping that they would simply say that there is nothing there and they had no clue what was causing the pain so that i could get away without being cut open.......really hate the thought of it.

anyway, after the scan i asked them if they had noticed anything to explain the pain i was feeling in my legs.........they said that my results would be with my GP in 2 Weeks but i was really wanting to know now, after explaining that i had been in this pain for several years now and that they had already said to my once that it was Lipoma and then changed there mind they decided to let me know what it was they found.

basically, (this is what the Dr's told me) the muscles are covered with a strong but fine tissue to keep them in place and i have developed small holes in this tissue that is allowing my muscles to pop out through. this is causing the lumps on my legs and the pain i feel, the holes are so small that when the muscle pushes through it is stretching the hole and causing a tearing feeling.

when i explained it to Emily she put it in a simplified forum of explanation.........
"It's like when you have a hole in your sock and your big touch pushes through it making it bigger and the blood stops it, causing the pain"

it was a great explanation of it i was like a Star Trek moment, there would always be a complex plan explained and then someone would make a analogy with household object to make it simpler to

"If we can re-route engine power through the primary weapons and configure them to Melllvar's frequency, that should overload his electro-quantum structure"

"Like putting too much air in a balloon!"

ok, ok, ok so thats from Futurama as i couldn't think of any Star Trek ones but still you get my point.

so ye thats whats wrong with me and although im terrified that when my GP gets the results in about 2 weeks im going to have to have surgery, its nice to finally know what the heck is wrong with me, i've wanted to know for such a long time now and to finally have an idea of what it is has taken a wait off my mind.

If you know what the name of this condition is called PLEASE let me know in the commets section below as i would be nice to put a name to it as well.

well thats all for now really, i just wanted to let you all know what had happened at the hospital (if you wanted to know that is, if not sorry for having you read this)......i'll let you know what my GP says when he gets the results.

bye for now peeps.


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