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20 September 2010

Almost A Month ! ! ! !

Wow, well its almost a month since i last posted on here and i must say im struggling to remember 100% what has happened but i'll do my best.

so to start with i finally got around to spending that £20 compensation from Southfield Pub.....if you dont remember anything about it, that could have something to do with me never posting about it (i though i had but i just checked and i hadn't :p )

well to fill you all in on what, my mam and dad went to the Southfield Pub for some food while we where sorting out my Job Seekers forms and i decided to have some Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie (something that i do love, a lot).

it was VERY nummy, except for the little prize at the end......when i took almost my last bite there was a considerably big piece of plastic, now i didn't notice this till i had already put it in my mouth and until it had cut the inside of my cheek.

it came as a bit of a shock but when i went and told management about it they gave me all my money back, took me contact details and also gave me a new slice of cake.....although this time i was very careful with it lol

So, about 5 weeks ago a letter came through the door with a letter from Scream and a Voucher for £20 to spend in the Southfield, this was awesome and quite unexpected but i guess i could have made a massive deal about it and took them for a lot more money but im just not that type of person.......luckily for them :)

So anyway now you know the back story, back to the main one :)

so ye, me and Bryon went to Southfield the other week as there was very little in the house and got something to eat......we ended up spending the FULL £20 but it was SOOOOOOOO worth it for what we got as it was FREAKING GAWJUS ! ! ! ! !

as you can see, we got a lot with a lot of extras as well......we got extra bacon, extra onion rings and extra burger....and that was just inside the bun.....we also got a side order of onion rings and a couple of drinks.....oh and a couple of games of pool.

all in all it was a great time and VERY filling.......dont think we had anything to eat the following day :p

soooooooo.....what else, oh, Emily and Bryon went to see The Expendables at the was an amazing movie but about quarter of the way through the projector broke and we had to wait till they got it fixed....didn't take long but after the movie was finished they gave all the people in the cinema a free ticket for another 2D movie.

So with this ticket me and Emily went to see Scott Pilgrim vs The was AWESOME ! ! ! ! ! ! and make me totally want to make an awesome bar for one of my DailyBooth Pictures in lovely 8-Bit Arcade Text.

As well as all the fun there has been some development with with Doctors, they have decided that it is defiantly holes in the muscle sock and now i need to go to see an Orthopedics Surgeon on the 28th September for a consult and see what it will be that they will be doing to be to sort it absolutely terrified but if it stops the pain it will be worth it.......i hope.

As well as my leg problems i also developed a swelling on the gum around my wisdom tooth so i needed to take Antibiotics to sort it out for a week......not the nicest thing in the world as i couldn't eat anything for the first 3 days as the swelling was to much but after the meds took effect it was much better.

so thats about it i think.............well actually, i went to couple of meetings at University to see about me doing a Masters in Character Animation and see about funding but due to a change in the Government Funding Schemes i was no longer able to do Master Free if i did it Part Time, so now i need to save up £1,700-ish to do my masters over a year as part time would cost more.

Also i went to the Careers Department at uni and asked an adviser about finding work, she was a load of help and went over some pointers on changing my Portfolio around so that it was a little more professional and so that my best work was shown, i still need to put on my newest showreel but i'll get around to that soon as i can.

Oh, ye before i go........i've been talking to some REALLY great people on DailyBooth and we have been sending letters to each other in the post, i also send back some drawing for them and they said they loved them.



So ye.......i should be getting some more letters through the post soon from others online and im really looking forward to getting them and then i can reply with some awesome pictures. ^^

well.....thats it for now, i'll post back soon and try and get back into the swing of posting when it happens and NOT leave it a month again :p

Bye for now ^_^


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