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16 November 2010

What A Day ! ! ! !

well today was one hell of a day.

I've Graduated University ^_^

yes thats right i am no longer a student (well maybe still am in my mind :P ) so now its time to straighten up and flight right as they say :)

it was a fantastic day though, i've almost been in tears cos i know thats the end of it all and i may not see the people i've studied with again but i hope that we all do stay in contact, i'll still be going to Societies and catching up with them for as long as i can but it will be so strange not going in and seeing them in class :(

but im sure everything will work out in the end :)

So today started off quite early as you can imagine, i was dragged out of bed at 7:30am and awoke to a load of frost and ice so i knew that getting from Hartlepool to Middlesbrough wasn't going to be easy so i got ready as fast as i could so that we could get the car sorted and still have time to get there.

We made it into Middlesbrough just with enough time for me to get my Gown and Hat so that was the first bit of good luck and the first job out of the way :)

after i got my self sorted me and Noel started walking over to the town hall as thats where we would be getting our awards.

As soon as my mam saw me she instantly started welling up, i knew that this was a big day for her and my whole family as im the first one in my family to go to University and Graduate from university, my sister will be next in line to graduate next year i think.

The ceremony itself dragged on for quite a bit but it was because there where a load of students graduating and also because the university where sticking to there long winded ways of saying things as thats the way its been done for years and it was tradition.

but soon they started getting the students on stage and it wasn't long till it was my turn......i was sooooo scared at the time and couldn't stop shaking, i really didn't want to mess up or trip on stage, but i managed it perfectly....(if not a little fast lol ) and returned to my seat to watch all the other members of my course collect there awards.

once everything was over we couldn't wait to get out of the town hall and out side for some fresh air.......everyone was extremely excited and all the families where EXTREMELY proud, it was great to see.

it felt (and still feels) so surreal to be officially graduated and to finally be able to officially put the letters BA (hons) after my name, i never thought that this day would happen and im soooooo happy it finally did.

now i can officially call myself...... Mr Ashley John Stringer BA (hons)

not long after taking a load of photos and returning the gown me and my family returned to Hartlepool and we went to Toby Carvery to celebrate, it was fantastic........i love Toby as theres sooooooo much food and since i'd not had anything to eat all day so i really stocked up on the food :)

as an even bigger surprise my mam and dad gave me £100 to say congratulations on graduating, i was SOOOOOOO shocked, i knew that there might have been some money in the card as they always do something for a card ranging between £5 and £20 but £100 was soooooo unexpected, they said that i should get a games console with it so im thinking i'll add something to it and get myself a new xBox 360s

i know my mam and dad wont probably read this but i would like say to my entire family, THANK YOU so much for the bottom of my heart, without your help over the years i would never have gotten to where i am today.

i really want to write soooooo much more but there is so much that i wouldn't have the time lol

so i will just say this, to everyone in my life......THANK YOU ! ! ! ! ! ! !

and to all that have graduated and will be graduating this week......GOOD LUCK ! ! !

i know that if we keep at our craft no matter what it may be we will get the job we have dreamed of for so many years.

Oh ye and to top off my day, i had to go sign on but i did it in style.....i signed on in my full graduation gown, oh yes how kool am i ^_^

also check out more photos on my facebook: Public Link


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