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26 December 2010

Christmas 2010 Was Fantastic ! ! ! !

So Xmas has been and gone and all the presents have been opened, now its the time to eat cold Turkey sandwiches and left over dinner.

I loved being home so far.....i've had the 42" TV in the living room to play Black Ops on and kick ass, well in game bots asses but better then nothing :P

I got a load of really good stuff, some of it was a little odd but still really kool.

A Monkey that dances to the music when you plug an MP3 into it ^_^

A melted record bowl that my mam made cos she got bord :P

Some Lynx shower gel and spray.

Loads of sweets.....i love Mr Tom bars and now i have 2 ^_^

some Lucky Charms and other American food off my sister (love them sooo much)

A Jack Daniels Cup and Coffee (yes JD Coffee ^_^)....and a bottle of Disaronno yummmm

more sweets.....god im going to put all the weight on that i had managed to lose :P

XBox Games so im not play COD Black Ops all the time (although i do love it ^^)

MONEYZ ! ! ! ! ! !

The traditional underwear......wouldn't be xmas without them :)

A Morph coaster off my sister boyfriend.

And yes that picture says what you think it says.....BBQ Flavored Mealworms, my sister got me that and im totally going to try them but im not rushing into it :)

it says that have a smiler taste to popcorn but with a difference ^_^

So ye that was all the stuff i got for XMas, i had a fantastic time with my family and a wonderful was one of those dinners where you really have the urge to sleep afterwards.

I have almost finished the majority of my sweets which isn't good i know but its Xmas so its ok :)

im looking forward to have more Turkey sandwiches as soon as i finish this post *types even faster* ^_^

i'll let you know how the worms taste when i eventually try them out :)

anyway till next time i hope you have had a wonderful xmas and you all have a fantastic new year ^^


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