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14 January 2011

Pains & Needles ! ! !

so yesterday i went to the Hospital at Northallerton to have the tests done before i go for my operation.

now as you may know i've been having problems with my legs for years now but its gotten to a point where i can't handle the pain anymore, so i've been going to the Dr's to get it sorted out.......firstly they thought it was Lipoma which wasn't to bad cos its a simple operation and i would have been walking out of the hospital within 3 hours of me going in BUT after a while they soon found that it wasn't Lipoma but they also didn't know what it was either.

So i had an ultrasound and they found that i had fractures in my fascia tissue coursing my muscle to push through and into the wall of my leg equaling in immense pain when i walked for a period of time.

after seeing a specialist about the problem he made me an appointment to get a pressure reading from the muscles compartments of my legs, now although he said that it would hurt and that it would involve needles.......what he didn't say was how big the needles were or how painful it was going to be.

so ye.......yesterday was the day of the appointment, i got a letter saying that i wasn't to eat or drink anything for 6 hours prior to being admitted so i woke up and skipped having my breakfast and cup of tea.

started my day at around 7am to get ready for my bus at after rushing around thinking i was going to be going through this on my own, my mam surprised me by meeting me at the bus station which i loved cos i knew that it was going to be hard for her to get through with the icy roads but she managed it for me :)

so after traveling on the bus for something like 2 hours we finally got to the hospital in time for my appointment at 10 :)

now i thought that since my appointment was for 10 i would be getting seen to by the specialist at around 10 but after the nurses showed me to my room, gave me my bands and took my details oh and gave me a flattering gown to was a 3 hour wait till i got to finally see the Dr's :(

even got my name on the wall of my room ^_^

and to top it all off........the Dr said that since i wasn't going to be getting anesthetized i could have had anything i wanted to eat or drink....Grrrrrrrrrrrrr Generic NHS Forms.

So once the nurses found this out they went and got me loads of biscuits and a nice cup of tea for me and my mam which was really nice of them :)

so after my tea and biscuits the Dr's returned.....this time it NEEDLES ! ! ! ! !

now when i saw the needles i FREAKED.......i was so scared cos it had to be thick so that they could slide a tube through the center of the needle and into my legs.

although the needles where kinda kool if not massive cos they split in half so that they could get it off the tubing......

So once they had all the tubes in my legs they took a pressure reading so that they had a base line and then asked me to have a walk around the hospital and try and get my legs to start hurting like they would usually do but with having the tubes in my legs it made it all the more harder to do and so much more painful.

also for some reason it took a lot longer for the swelling to start then it would usually take.

anyway.......after i went through even more pain they took another reading to see what the new pressure was and said that it was EXTREMELY high.......higher then they have seen before in fact the Dr said that if it had stayed that high for a period of 24 hours or more i would lose my legs due to the cells dying.

Soooooooooooooooooo VERY worrying ! ! ! ! ! ! !

so now i have been put onto the sick instead of job seekers until my legs are sorted.

which will hopefully been really soon cos i can't handle this pain for much longer and i miss being able to walk without struggling in agony.

So thats about it really......i will keep you posted on anything else that happens ^_^

buy for now peeps and i hope you all keep in better health then i am :)


Anonymous said...

OMG first off I love the socks.
Second, I am so scared of needles, I so get you about freaking out...
Anyways Im glad I read this, cause now I know the background of the leg story. Keep your head up, hope you'll be fine soon.

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