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26 August 2011

Hard Times

So as a lot of you know by now things have been pretty rough for me lately, i had my heart broken and i lost a friendship that i thought i would never be without, but this is the life i have chosen and all the problem i faced recently where my own doing and came at a cost.

In life we make decision that can change and mold our entire futures, one small change such as choosing to drink a glass of water instead of a class of coke could be the choice between early stages of diabetes or a future of high health and a long life. we make these choices each and everyday but never think of the consequences that will follow because as a species we focus on there here and now and only truly think about future events when we focus ourselves to do so.

I made a choice in life that at the time i felt was the right thing, i felt it was my one of only option in life but as time went by and the future i had created unfolded in front of my eyes i could see that it wasn't the future i thought it was going to be, instead it was something much better, something that created a stronger and more meaningful bond.

But without the main bond i had severed all that time ago, the future was in a constant state of flux and nothing was certain except the here and now.

sadly my choice had ended something special and something i thought i would never be without, even now as i write this it still hard to think about but i have found for a long time now that writing things down helped me so much more then talking about it, i can write down my thought, my feelings and my emotions without a problem, but to open my mouth and speak the words is one of the hardest things i could ever do in life.

But they say time is a wonderful healer and im starting to find that this is true, though very slowly it is getting better and my life is getting back on track.

i hope that maybe one day a friendship can be recreated but it is too soon to find that courage at the moment.

Right now i just hope that they are happy and that they are being treated right, and that they know that no matter what the situation between us at the moment if things are REALLY hard and family, friends or life is getting to much for them and they need someone who understands them better then most others i am here.

There are times in life when you have to put aside feeling and help the people you care about, this is something i have done throughout my life and i will always do this, nothing can change that.

Anyway, sorry all for such a down in the dumps post but i just needed to get it all off my chest.

hopefully the next post will be happier ^^

but in the mean time if you want something else to read (something filled with happy news) you can check out my animation blog here:

Hope to talk to you all again soon.

Bye For Now <3


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